Communication Disorder

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A Communication Disorder – speech and language disorders which refer to problems in communication and in related areas such as oral motor function. The delays and disorders can range from simple sound substitution to the inability to understand or use language.

Examples of communication disorders:

Autism — a developmental defect that affects understanding of emotional communication
Aphasia — loss of the ability to produce or comprehend language
Learning disability – Both speaking and listening components of the definition
Dysnomia – Deficit involving word retrieval
Asperger syndrome- Areas of social and pragmatic language
Semantic Pragmatic Disorder – Challenges with the semantic and pragmatic aspects of language
Blindness — a defect of the eye or visual system
Deafness — a defect of the ear or auditory system
Dyslexia — a defect of the systems used in reading
Dyscalculia — a defect of the systems used in communicating numbers
Expressive language disorder — affects speaking and understanding where there is no delay in non-verbal intelligence.
Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder — affects speaking, understanding, reading and writing where there is no delay in non-verbal intelligence.
Speech disorders such as
Cluttering, a speech organization disorder
Oesophageal voice
Speech sound disorder
Specific language impairment
Dysarthria – cite_note-0