International Epilepsy Day webinar Jointly organized by NARF , PSN & LCMD

International epilepsy day webinar Jointly organized by NARF , PSN & LCMD in context to IED 2021 on Feb. 7th, 2021. More than 200 participants from across Pakistan attended. Eminent speakers were Prof. Nirmal Surya from India, Prof. M. Wasay (AKU), Prof. Maimoona Siddiqui (SIH- Islamabad), Dr. Syed Ahmed Asif (HOD, LNH), Dr. Fowzia Siddiqi (Consultant Epilepsy/Neurologist), Dr. Qamar un Nisah (Associate Professor Neurology- DUHS) while Dr. Abdul Malik (Associate Professor-Neurology) moderated this highly interactive academic session. Prof. Dr. Saleem Bareach President Pakistan Society of Neurology Chaired the session. This academic activity was CME accredited by JSMU, while supported by the Genetics Pharma.

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